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5th Grade

lesson 5

approximate time 15-20 Minutes

Beyond Gender Stereotypes

This video has been deleted.

Pair and Share

5 Minutes

Discuss in your partnership, 

What examples of gender stereotypes have you seen or heard? 

Please be respectful with your comments

This video has been deleted.

Self Reflection

7-10 Minutes



-Colored Pencils

Imagine that you're going to be playing an online game, and you need to create an avatar for yourself from scratch. Think about the stereotypes we've discussed and create an avatar that responds to them. It could Follow the stereotypes, Challenge them, or do both. After you've drawn your avatar answer the reflection questions.


Reflection Questions 

1. What stereotypes did you follow or challenge in your avatar?

2. How did you follow or challenge them? What details did you include in your avatar? 


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