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The Utah NetSmartz program educates K-12 students about digital safety, health, citizenship and leadership. NetSmartz has provided these services to Utah students (and parents) for the past 14 years. Program funding was provided by the state of Utah with the purpose of protecting our children from online exploitation and digital dangers. Additionally, the NetSmartz program assists schools in meeting requirements to provide annual student digital citizenship trainings (H.B. 213).


We Provide Extensive Outreach To Utah Schools. In year 2018-2019, 65% of Utah schools depended on the Utah NetSmartz program to provide their students with annual digital citizenship trainings. 428,046 individual students were provided with in-person trainings last year at a cost of $0.88 per student. 


Utah NetSmartz program measures the students’ response to the program via survey response: 

-97% are better prepared to face Internet dangers after participating

-88% less likely to use technology to communicate in negative ways 

95% more likely to report cyberbullying after participating 

96% less likely to participate in sexting after participating

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