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What Our Fans Say

Rena Orton - Mount Pleasant Elementary



"Cole came on Halloween and presented to my school. His presentation was right on with the worries and concerns that teachers and parents are concerned about with digital technology. Cole did a great job with his presentation. He was clear and fun. The students really enjoyed and learned from his presentation. We hope to have Cole come every year".


Ken Westwood - South Jordan Elementary


"I feel like NetSmartz does a great job of familiarizing our students with real risks related to the technologies they use and helping them recognize how they can stay safe or handle situations that may arise." 


Cathy Tom - Mountain Ridge Junior High

Digital Business Apps Teacher

"We have used NetSmartz training to educate all of our 7th and 9th graders every year since it's inception. It has provided essential digital safety information with messages from students their own age who share experiences to help others avoid the same pitfalls. This is information that we would not have access to on our own." 

Kim Quapp - Parley's Park Elementary  


Technology Instructional Coach

"Thanks for coming out and kicking off our digital citizenship with our students. Presenting the information in multiple new ways keep it's fresh and new for the kids. Thanks so much!"

Jaime Clement - Alpine Elementary  


Computer Specialist

"I asked our PTA to help get a White Ribbon Week started three years ago and the highlight of that week focusing on Internet Safety is the two assemblies we have each year from your awesome trainers. The teachers have told me they are grateful their students get this instruction and it's good for teachers to also learn from the presenters. I love that the presenters do two short, fun packed with information assemblies for our upper and lower grades students. This way the instruction is perfectly suited for the age group. They also keep the information new each year."


Carolyn Bona - Mountain Point Elementary


"I feel We have loved the program and it helps kids be safer online. This helps our school community council with the online safety requirement as well."


Patty Bowen - Copper Canyon Elementary


"As a school principal, I see a vital need for this digital citizenship training for my 750 students."


Kristine Parker - Oquirrh Elementary  


Kindergarten Teacher

"In this day and age digital safety is So important and the NetSmartz assembly made it fun for the kids to learn about! it would not go over as well if it is just us teachers telling them about it. NetSmartz did it in a way they loved learning about. It's way to important to do away with."


Katy Neilsen - Dry Creek Elementary

Sixth Grade Teacher

"As an educator in the upper elementary grades, I know how important it is that all children receive quality instruction on good digital citizenship and internet safety. The NetSmartz program has been highly beneficial and impactful to my students in past years."


Julie Peery - Mapleton Elementary


"Students listen to the presentations and take the information to heart. I had a sixth grade student this past year who heard the NetSmartz presentation about how to use the internet for good and how the messages we send via the internet (or otherwise) can make a differnece in someone's life. She copied what one of the students did in a NetSmartz video clip and began writing kind notes on post-it notes to give to people throughout our school. She then came and approached me to ask if she could help us have a kindness month and each week we did special kindness campaigns. This was a big deal since this student often had struggled with friends and had several office refferals for problem behaviors in the past. All of this was sparked from presentation by Cole from NetSmartz at our school during our White Ribbon Week."

Michael Barker - Lakeview Elementary  



"We have used (NetSmartz) for several years and they do a great job with our students."

Haley Holland - Provost Elementary


Fourth Grade Teacher

"I am a 4th grade teacher in Provo and I have loved having the NetSmartz program at our school. Each year they come up with creative interactive ways to present real situations that our students will face on the internet. I think it sets a great expectation for how our students should interact online."


Tiffany Rueckert - Edgemont Elementary


"I am the internet safety specialist for our PTA and have had NetSmartz come to our school the last 4 years. It is by far the best way to reach our students because the presentations are clever and memorable. I've attended each year and hear the kids recall the things they learned in years past."

Lisa Muirbrook - Art City Elementary  



"As the principal of the school this program is so important! It makes a difference for kids and families! We invite parents to the assembly. This program educates parents and helps them better teach and support their children."

Julie Fielding - Silver Mesa Elementary



"As the principal, it was great to have a program tailored to for specific ages, giving the content that the State has mandated we teach our students, in a fun, interactive way,"


Mike Larson - Sharon Elementary


"I have seen the NetSmartz presentation the last two years at the school where i am working and it has had a tremendous impact on our students and our abiliity to discuss digital citizenship with them."

Tim Pead - Ridgeline Elementary  



"We have loved having NetSmartz in our school. It has been an invaluable tool to teach students about internet safety and why it's important to not participate in cyberbullying. We have loved hosting the grade-level assemblies and using these resources in our computer class."


Cami Thomas - Larsen Elementary


"Our students enjoy the NetSmartz assemblies and we really appreciate the awareness and good reminders that it gives for students. Anything that can help protect our students, is a good thing. I support the Utah NetSmartz program."


Dave Harlan - Canyon Elementary


"We've used NetSmartz resources here at my school for the last 10 years. We were excited to schedule and host the program assemblies when they became available. Both our PTA and our School Community council trusted and valued the information that was shared with our students."

Shelley Turner - Weilenmann School of Discovery 



"The presentation are high quality. They deliver solid and clear information while being interactive, relevant, and even fun. They use real life scenarios that engage students, who learn so much practical wisdom regarding internet safety - - they talk about it for weeks after."


Tess Miner-Farra - Winter Sports School


"As a small charter school of 9-12th graders, we rely heavily on Utah NetSmartz to provide our with the required digital literacy and awareness training annually required by State law."


Teresa Jordan - Spring Lake Elementary


"The information taught to students is fun, interesting, and developmentally appropriate while also reinforcing the important messages it was designed to deliver to keep kids safe. NetSmartz gave us a clear message and consistent platform in which to meet the requirmenets of HB 213."

Claustina Reynolds - Ecker Hill Middle School


Assistant Principal

"This was an AMAZING program when i worked in Salt Lake City School District and I feel the same way working in Park City School District. Our students and parents benefit from this type of information. It has always been culturally appropriate and fits the needs of our students. Their culture and world is technology and this presentation really builds awareness of technological devices our students use."


Keri Huntsman - Foothills Elementary


"We look forward each year to the NetSmartz assemblies for our students and teachers. I believe it is the most effective way to provide the digital citizenship training because students and teachers were highly engaged, information was updated yearly based on current devices and research and it is State funded. Thank you to the NetSmartz team and State officials for supporting school children by providing this needed digital training."


Darin Jenkins - Tabiona School


"Tabiona really enjoys when Cole comes to the school to present. He is always so professional and relates to the students. He's not afraid to get on the students levels and talk straight to them. The NetSmartz is a valuable resource for students and administrators."

Cris Labrum - Davis Elementary School



"I appreciate the NetSmartz is a dependable organization. In the 5 years that I have worked with them, they have delivered a timely, worthwhile presentations to our students, and provided excellent resources to pass on to our families and community."


Sarah Brunson - Mt. Loafer Elementary


"It is always a pleasure to have this organization present to the students in our building. It really is a peace of mind for our school to have Utah NetSmartz come and fill in the educational gaps for our kids on internet safety. It gives parents and teachers like taking points on what students should be aware of in the digital world they face every day. Thank You for taking the time to put together a quality presentation, programs and resources for our Utah Students."


Rob Stevenson - Little Valley Elementary


"Both assemblies went great! Cole was very good with the students. The material was excellent! We appreciate the NetSmartz program and the information that it gives to young people. Cole was a wonderful presenter!!"

Brandon Yost - Diamond Valley Elementary



"Utah NetSmartz was a perfect presentation that was very age appropriate. The content and presentation is very engaging and relevant to our students in the 21st century and digital age of education that we are in. We hope we can have them back again next year. Furthermore, we appreciate the parent resources that they provide to help the conversations continue at home."

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